Sunday, December 2, 2012

Knitting Advent Calendar day 2: Eastenders knitting collection

Here's the other treasure I found - Eastenders patterns! Bet you can't wait. Now I'll have to warn you that I have actually never watched either Emmerdale or Eastenders, particularly not in the 80's. So my amusing comments will probably be limited to making guesses at possible storylines based on people's facial expressions!

Another round of the Horrendous Knitting Patterns from the 80's Advent Calendar (HKPft8AC)

For this year's Advent Calendar, I have some knitwear inspired by classic British soap operas for you. First up, the Emmerdale Farm Knitting book. Did you know that there was actually a range of knitting yarns made in Yorkshire called Emmerdale Yarns? The manufacturer is the producer of this pattern book.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Knitting Advent Calendar 24: Marilyn Monroe

Happy Christmas - here's Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn herself was a knitter, as seen in the film "Let's make Love". She's not wearing a very interesting sweater here, but she's wearing the hell out of it.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Knitting Advent Calendar 23: V-back sweater.

Another 80's Bomb before we get to the glamorous final. I don't even know where to begin here. The baggy elephantine sleeves, the huge back cleavage which will surely cause the shoulders to slide off all the time, the nasty oversize lace, or the "skirt" made from a plastic table cloth. Oh 80's, we don't miss you.

Knitting Advent Calendar 22: Dorothy Lamour

This is by far my most favourite sweater of the book. Boatnecked and beaded, now this is how you do glam knitwear.

Bill Gibb thinks that she looks "not dissimilar to today's pop star Madonna". I don't see it.

Knitting Advent Calendar 21: Greta Garbo

What the book calls "Le Style Garbo" is maybe a bit more rustic on the average lady, but I do like the honeycomb pattern here.

Knitting Advent Calendar 20: Peggy Cummins

Mr Gibb describes this as "one of the more sensual sweaters of the book". I think it's just the prominent boobs, not so much the sweater!