Sunday, May 31, 2009


I had a little party and made cupcakes from the cupcake book I got for Christmas - firstly the incredibly chocolatey ones:

super-chocolatey cupcakes

and then the pretty glittery cherry/almond ones:

cherry cupcakes

They were quite a success! Although the chocolate ones were a bit too heavy really, half a bite was plenty for most people.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Knitted Origami

Elizabeth Zimmermann is a genius. I mean, I have a PhD in Maths (yes, I will stop mentioning that in, ooh, about 10 years time) but I can't quite figure out how this

turns into this:

'Mazing. This is Schoppel Zauberball by the way. Too pretty.

Now, I will go and figure out what flavour cupcakes to make for my housewarming.

PS: Hi Mum.

Friday, May 22, 2009

A wall of birds

I have got to the point where everything actually has a place in my new flat now, and have even bought some picture frames. This is what I have decided to hang over my fireplace.

Bird pictures

Left to right:
A charcoal drawing of a dead bird drawn by someone at the Drawing Exchange a few weeks ago. I swapped it for half a packet of japanese chewing gum. I drew a dead robin myself, which Mike has now.

Large print of a drawing of some stuffed animals in a museum, bought from the Spike Island print shop stall a while back. I forget the name of the artist By Sarah Knight (thanks Ben).

Finally, the Hand Bird... a Phoenix with slapping action, apparently. By this guy

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Crafternoon result

I have finally succeeded in moving house! I now live on my own and am intending to turn the living room into a crafty playroom. You cannot begin to imagine how excited I was to get my craft box back - and all my nice shoes.
This means I was finally able to finish off the giraffe I made at my friend's Crafternoon (courtesy of Crafty Creatures) a few weeks ago.

Crafternoon Giraffe

He really needs a name I think (I think it's a he). Any ideas?