Thursday, May 14, 2009

Crafternoon result

I have finally succeeded in moving house! I now live on my own and am intending to turn the living room into a crafty playroom. You cannot begin to imagine how excited I was to get my craft box back - and all my nice shoes.
This means I was finally able to finish off the giraffe I made at my friend's Crafternoon (courtesy of Crafty Creatures) a few weeks ago.

Crafternoon Giraffe

He really needs a name I think (I think it's a he). Any ideas?


Cristina said...

I think it might be a she, or at least it looks like that from here. Gertrude?

A Homely Heroine said...

Gorgeous! Did you dye and print the fabric yourself? I want one.

Johanna said...

Ha, no - it's made from an old T-shirt. Camilla has suggested Raffy as a name, I like that.

Camilla said...

Yes I think you should go with Raffy- then it matches my ginger nephew.