Monday, November 23, 2009

Frantic crafting

...not that you'd know, from how quiet it has been on this blog.
I have decided to actually try and sell some stuff at a Christmas market this year. I do realise that for knitted items, I'd be paying myself an hourly wage of about 50p (if I sell anything), so it's more for the satisfaction of strangers wanting to own my stuff. I hope they will.
I'm concentrating on making some fingerless gloves, more or less based on the Bluebell pattern, and a whole lot of the snowflake and heart crochet Christmas tree ornaments, because they are quick and pretty. I'm also hoping to make a few more of those knitting needle cases I tried out last year, and maybe some shoulder bags. It's coming along quite nicely, although currently almost all my wares still fit on my little cake stand!

I will definitely be at the Cube Christmas Market on Sunday the 13th of December, and am also aiming to make it to the one at Start the Bus on the 6th. So come along!