Sunday, December 24, 2006


Just been to see Babel - very good film, although I have seen Brad looking better. Looking really quite old. Also, it wasn't exactly in the cheerful Christmas spirit.
The main issue of the movie was (as the title suggests) different languages and communication problems that arise from them. There was Moroccan (I'm sure that's not a language as such, but it definitely wasn't French), Spanish, Japanese, a bit of French, sign language - and of course a bit of English. But those moronic German film distributors decided to dub the (few) English parts into German, while using german subtitles for the rest of the film. I have NO idea in what way that is supposed to enhance the cinema experience for the German viewer. I suppose there is some truth to the hypothesis that films are only dubbed because there is a large industry of voice-over artists that would lose their jobs otherwise.
Anyway. Here are some knitting pictures.

The (very slightly mismatched) socks:

A "quick" scarf (the ruffle was a PAIN!), very fluffy. Last minute Christmas present, but can't decide for who now. Maybe I'll keep it.
fluffy scarf with ruffle

And the doomed doubleknit project. I have very little faith that this will ever be a complete scarf.
double knitting

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