Sunday, February 18, 2007

Oh, you pretty things

Last week was my best friends birthday and I totally forgot to get her a present or even a card (I did ring her though so I'm not that bad). So, as I was already going to be hopelessly late, I thought I'd better get her something really nice and decided to make her some gloves. I couldn't muster up the patience for 5 fingers in the end, but I think the result is very respectable and I really want to make some for myself too. Maybe I'll even write up the pattern!

I really like the colours, I believe they're what they call "jewel colours" in the magazines. It's nice wool too, Patons diploma gold (55% wool and very soft!), which is really cheap as well.
The lace pattern is nicked from here and the picot edge and thumb shaping adapted from somewhere on knitty.
I really hope she'll like them!

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