Saturday, November 15, 2008

We have a jumper!

After two weeks of near-continuous knitting, I have finished my new jumper. The design changed quite a lot in the progress - it was going to have a bib front with a ruffle around it, but I realised it would be too difficult to fit it into the zig-zag lace pattern and it would also have become too busy. So I just continued in the pattern and made some yoke decreases, with a few purl rounds near around the shoulders. I think it has come out really well and that I'll get a lot of wear out of it. It only needs blocking now!

Red Lacy Jumper, pre blocking

Mainly, I'm just relieved that now I've finished this project, I can stop watching quite so much TV for a while.

Here it is after blocking, on me! I love it. It's really long, so finally a jumper that doesn't expose your muffintop, my mum will approve of the kidney protection. And quite flattering, I think. Thank you, Elizabeth Zimmermann!

Red Lacy Jumper

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Snowberry and Lime said...

This looks really wearable and the colours is beautiful. I am knitting a tweedy jumper for myself at the moment as I really need some jumpers and thought knitting was easier than finding good ones in a shop, haha - just takes so long though!