Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas presents

I have a compulsion to make presents myself. I am quite aware that most of my friends would probably be much happier with something simple from a shop, but I can't help it. I guess being unemployed and having nothing else to focus on helps!

Anyway, I've been crocheting (I know! I still don't really like it though. Very hard to watch TV while crocheting.) Christmas decorations for my friend M. It's the first Christmas she's living with her boyfriend so she's really going for it with the decorations I think. According to him she's going for a deep red and silver colour scheme so these Norwegian hearts and snowflakes/stars should just about work.

For her boyfriend however, who a) loves drinking a LOT of tea and b) is missing Bristol quite badly after moving to Leeds this summer, I bought a massive teacup shaped plant pot and painted a Bristol skyline on it. I am definitely spending too much time on all this stuff!

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Camilla said...

I got my heart today- thankyou so much!