Thursday, February 5, 2009

Josie Fest

I had an email from Josie Longs mailing list yesterday. She is the nicest, most DIY comedian ever, and the event is just too fitting for this blog for me not to mention it. I will probably be going on the Monday, but then again, Battersea is quite far away from here.

Next week I am curating a mini festival as part of the N20 festival at the Battersea Arts Centre-

It’s the evenings of Mon-Thurs. It’s going to be like a low-rent Steiner school masque of the red death but with soup and more people dressed as robots. I can’t tell you how excited I am about it- there will be great shows and lots of other opportunities to enjoy yourself. Buy tickets for individual shows at 7.30 or 8.45, but stay in the venue from 6-11 and enjoy the ramshackle carnival. Participate (or you can just relax- no pressure).

Let me tell you about what’s happening:

Each day there will be: a performance of an Edinburgh show, a variety stand-up show, a band in the bar at 10.30pm and a free workshop.

Monday 9th February

Joanna Neary’s show, followed by Storyteller’s Club feat. Jeremy Warmsley, Sarah Bennetto and me! Gavin Osborn in the bar! Comic book workshop with Steve Marchant!

Tuesday 10th February

Isy Suttie’s show, followed by Wonderful and New- a showcase of brilliant things you might not have seen before, hosted by me, followed by Ward and White’s Karaoke Circus- sing karaoke, backed by a live bloody band! With an audio describing workshop by Alice Sanders from the ITFC!

Wednesday 11th February

Maeve Higgins’s Show, followed by Brave new world- a cutting edge strange night of fun with Will Adamsdale and Ed Aczel and Brian Gittins. Dress as robots please. Then Hong Kong in the 60’s in the bar! Badge Making workshop with Anna!

Thursday 12th February

Bridget Christie’s superb show! Followed by The historical personages cavalcade feat. Tony Law and Tom Allen. Come as a historical figure of your choice! Then The sound of the Ladies in the bar! And a dance workshop by a trained clown! As well as this there are some permanent fixtures every day, all around the building-

A tiny cinema curated by the popcorn club, showing funny brilliant short films by London comics. A recording booth to tell your stories- watch and listen to other peoples’. Photography of the best things in Southend!Alex horne’s photo pose challenge! Join in with crafts and silliness: A giant strange quilt! Yarnbombing! Comic books and murals! The secret map of London! A mini craft fair and jumble sale! The chat magazine collage mural! Artists decorating the space! You decorating the space! Free baked goods! Free magazines! Prizes! So much more to come and hidden round the building. It’ll be as good as snow day, I promise.

Turn up early for group soup every day in the café bar- one sitting of dinner between 6pm and 7pm. There will be a Drink of the day, too every day including ovaltine, campari and orange, and pear cocktails. Board games and board games championships in the bar: try and beat me at boggle?


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