Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A commission, and another hazard tape

I've been showing off about my yarn bombing at work, and my colleague who's a DJ in his spare time decided that he wanted to have his new mixing desk yarn bombed. Of course, I'm not one to back down from a knitting challenge! I produced this thing:
I hope it'll fit. I have asked him to provide pictures of it in situ.

I also added another hazard tape to Gaol Ferry Bridge, and Nanna D is also getting on on the act! I think it would be great to just keep adding bits until the whole bridge is soft.

Finally, and excitingly, I've been shown the layouts for the pages featuring my art in this book! It will be out in a few months time. I am sharing a page with Olek (also featured on the cover), I think!


Bristoletta said...

By some strange coincidence I looked at your blog properly for the first time today, on the very same day that a friend posted a picture on Facebook of what I believe is one of your yarn bombing creations down by the SS Great Britain. I love what you're doing, and will be looking out for more of your work. I saw something similar in Falmouth a while back. Was that you too?

Johanna said...

Hi Bristoletta! No, I have nothing to do with any yarny bits near the SS great britain! I am not alone... I know of at least two other yarn bombers in Bristol, Nanna D and Podknit. Although I think I know who did the piece you're referring to, but haven't seen it. I've also never been to Falmouth. said...

I have a couple of ideas for GFB lets make it the hub of bristol yarn bombing! Can you send me a quick email so I can email you about an interesting project.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for sharing your work with the world! I walk past your creations on Gaol Ferry Bridge everyday on the way to work and they always make me smile! Keep up the good work - one day I hope to contribute to your woolly takeover of Bristol :D