Thursday, May 5, 2011

Nothing lasts forever

If you're in Bristol, you probably know about the riots on Stokes Croft that happened over the past few weeks. I've not personally been affected, but some of my yarn bombs have (kind of). The night of the first riot, some of the cosies on the bridge got torched! I have no evidence that there was any connection but I can imagine that the heightened atmosphere could have led someone to take a lighter to our pieces. Nanna D's lovely striped piece was almost entirely gone, with only a few melted rings left, and my yellow hazard tape was scorched at the bottom. So I went over there today and took them off entirely, because it no longer looked good. This is what was left:

The limpets in Stokes Croft (located right in the midst of the riots!) were still intact, but as they kept sliding down, and were at quite a busy junction, got absolutely filthy, as well as kind of limp.

That's why I knitted a larger replacement, which should also fit more snugly and not slide down to dog-wee height so easily.


Nanna D said...

Excellent replacement bomb in stokes croft! Thanks so much for taking away the tatty bits of mine on the bridge, I was planning to go down there this weekend and do the same. A friend of a friend works in a nursery near by and relayed that when they go out for little trips, the kiddies get really excited about seeing the knitting on the bridge - thats enough to keep me bombing!

Paul said...

i saw the bomber planting it! looks ace xx

Bristol Parenting Cafe said...

I cycled over Goal Ferry Bridge today and saw your lovely yarn bomb. It totally brightened my day - thank you!