Thursday, December 1, 2011

Knitting Advent Calendar 1: Joan Crawford

It's December again which can only mean one thing - I find pictures of celebrities wearing knitwear and post them here for your delectation.

This year is going to be less mocking and more admiring in tone, as I managed to get my hand on a book called Hollywood Knits. It was published in the 80s, but all the photos are from much earlier in the century. The author Bill Gibb dug out photos of "Old Hollywood" film stars posing in glamorous jumpers and then reverse engineered the patterns from the photos. Amazing!

Kicking things off is the beautiful Joan Crawford:

I especially like the sequinned braces. I would completely wear this entire outfit (maybe minus the unflattering gathered skirt waist).

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just Gai said...

What a novel idea. I look forwarding to 'opening' one of your windows each day.