Thursday, October 30, 2008

Latest Developments

My plans for knitting world domination are coming along nicely.

Yesterday, I had an interview as technical editor for a yet-to-be-launched knitting magazine. Best. Interview. Ever. They asked me to bring samples of my knitting and were very appreciative and impressed. I love showing off my knitting. I really have no idea if they are considering me or not, my lack of any work experience may be a problem (like it always seems to be), but I enjoyed myself anyway, so that's good. But then my applications for two other jobs seem to be progressing nicely too. Exciting times.

I am also making more plans for my yarn stall at St Nicks market that I will hopefully get next week. Unfortunately I can't do much until I receive some wholesale price lists and they seem to be taking a while. Postman hasn't been today yet though so I have hope.

It may seem pathetic to you, but I subscribe to the Aldi Special Buys newsletter, and this week they were advertising a Barbie knitting machine. I've always been curious how these things really work so I went to have a look - they are only 15 quid. Turns out this knitting machine can only make tubes of exactly 20 stitches around. I might have bought it anyway if it hadn't been quite so.... well... pink...


Cristina said...

Glad to hear the interview went well! I hope they pick you, it would be great.

A Homely Heroine said...

I'm so glad you got an interview! Good luck with it!