Monday, October 20, 2008

Now with extra Twee!

I decided it was a good idea to have a separate blog for all my knitting needs, especially now I am planning to start a world wide yarn and pattern emporium!
So here's Twee as Volk - Possibly the most convoluted and pointless pun ever. If anyone is seriously interested I could explain the evolution but it isn't really worth it, trust me.

I copied all my older knitting posts here so it wouldn't look so empty to begin with.
The latest news is of course that I am about to go to St Nicholas Market and hand in my application form to run a stall at the saturday market. I will try to get some normal cheapish commercial yarns, and probably also sell some from the Coldharbour Mill Textile Museum. I'm thinking about making some kits too, for example some really simple chunky scarves for beginners or maybe my bluebell mitts for slightly advanced knitters. Anyway, I'm pretty excited.

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