Wednesday, June 17, 2009

plotting for pottery

I am, as a rule, definitely not the kind of person who gets excited about teapots. I do however like the strange little junk shop at the end of my road where, a few weeks ago, I snapped up this beautiful coffee set.

Beautiful vintage coffee set

It's in virtually mint condition - one of the saucers has a tiny chip and one of the cups is a bit stained inside. I have no idea if this is worth much, ebay says "not really", but 8 quid for the whole set still seems like a bargain. It's made by a company called Poole and according to the stamps must be from the early 60s. It is beautiful. I am making a lot more tea and rubbish instant coffee than usual just so I can use it.

Now, for my dilemma. At work today, I noticed that the sugar jar in our tea kitchen appears to be the same colour as my coffee set. After checking the stamps, I am now quite convinced that it is actually from the same series. I WANT. I don't *think* anyone at my office has an emotional attachment to this sugar pot and would get very upset if I silently switched it for another one. But I don't really want to go round asking everyone if they would object to me taking it - I think that would make me appear more obsessed with tableware than is healthy.

Also, I have considered making a tea cosy for this thing. it would of course have to be a tailored, fitted affair, but I don't know if I'm ready for knitting a non-ironic tea cosy. Hmmm.


penopeno said...

i would definitely switch the sugar pots. i have a poole teapot and i **love** it. it is so wonderful. it is a shame that such beautiful things should be separated from each other.

Johanna said...

Oooh, can I see yours? I spent last night looking at a lot of these online and they are all rather lovely.

Camilla said...

The joy of reading in the blogger ready thingy thing is that I know what happened next, even if the post doesn't seem to exist anymore.

Johanna said...

Haha! Yes, I got paranoid after Alex said I'd get fired if anyone found out. I've decided to knit a balaclava for the sugar jar.