Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Preparing for a bombing

That's YARN BOMBING, in case the FBI is going to start reading my blog now.

I've been planning this for about a year now, and the idea isn't really clever/witty enough to have survived this long - but I am stubborn.
Install and update tomorrow evening!


Let's see how long it lasts until someone nicks it, bins it, or starts a City Council vote on whether it should stay.


Well, in the morning, barely 10 hours later, it's gone. They must have someone patrolling the area with scissors, maybe there's a real problem with overzealous yarnbombing in this city that I'm not aware of.
Didn't think it would stay up that long but this was quicker than expected, meaning it didn't even achieve my one goal of cheering up a couple of people's walk to work.
Well, I'm not giving up now.


Camilla said...

My bet is on someone stealing it because it was so cool, rather than council workers taking it because it was naughty. I'd be tempted to steal it if i'd seen it.

Johanna said...

Thanks. I somehow doubt that because it was sewn on, you couldn't just easily nick it like that, without cutting it with scissors in two places. Doesn't seem like something that someone who really liked it would do.
Anyway, at least I've finally done that and can deal with new projects now!

Josie said...

Something awesome for you here to cheer you up missus ;P

As promised :P It's a shame your chains got pinched! They were looking really good too.