Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Whimsicle Fuckery

Yes, I can spell, but I've been reading Regretsy a lot. Regretsy features the more ridiculous offerings for sale on etsy and it is hilarious, but somewhat dangerous if you want to ever approach craft with an open mind again. I'm pretty sure I won't ever make any genital-inspired jewellery now.

It's been a bit slow on the craft front here, but on the other hand, I've been to a number of fun gigs, so quick reviews are in order.

Mustard Allegro & Stanton Delaplane & Alexander Thomas, Cube Cinema, 23 Jan:
Highs: Gushing review especially of Alex in Venue the next week, sad songs from Stanton, the King of facial hair, fun surf-pop with interesting visuals, knitting in the front row.
Low: the hangover the next day.

OLO worms & SJ Esau, Cube Cinema, 29 Jan:
High: Seeing SJ Esau perform for the first time in ages. Always brilliant.
Low: It was a bit too busy to sneak into the auditorium for the main act as a non-paying volunteer, although what I heard sounded pretty good, in a silly experimental pop kind of way.

Ausform presents: LUR, Cube Cinema, 5 Feb, a livelooping cabaret dance pop act from Sweden.
High: My favourite part was when they turned themselves into a human conductor, with the pitch of the sound controlled by the amount of contact between the two. This called for belly-licking, incidentally.
Low: Not really. Could have been busier though.

There's more good music coming up too, such as the highly twee Alessis Ark with Rachael Dadd on Friday, with a beautiful poster by a man I'm in no way affiliated with (ahem), and in case you are concerned by how Cube-centric my life appears at the moment (so what! I like it there!), I am going to London for Owl Parliament on the 27th! It's all going on.

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