Sunday, May 23, 2010

(yarn) Bombs of Bristol

After my previous attempt at knitted graffiti didn't survive its first night, I decided to change tack slightly. I made sure that my next tag couldn't possibly get in anyone's way, and I incorporated it in an existing chain on Bristol harbour.

Yarn Bombing at the Arnolfini

In spite of being in a variety of day-glo colours, I don't think too many people have spotted it as it's hidden within the chain. I like the idea that it's a reward for people who are a little bit more observant, though.

So, encouraged by this success, I embarked on a larger project. Knitting this (and adding crochet spots) took me several weeks and I was worried it wouldn't survive the night again, but this cute toadstool has already graced one of Bristols sunniest days of the year!

Arnolfini toadstool yarnbomb

I'm thinking of making more in various Super Mario colours - but these mooring bollards are surprisingly large, it's like knitting a small sweater!

And now I've got started, I also did another spontaneous tag while sunbathing in the park yesterday:

Berkely Square yarnbomb

More to come!


DreadKitty said...

Hey, just wanted to say; I'm loving your work :)

I only just came across the yarnbombing concept but I'm planning my first hit already - keep it up!


A Homely Heroine said...

I love the toadstool and the lace collar!!

Andy Council said...

Ah cool! Saw this the other week while having a sandwich and wondered who did it.

Valerie said...

Those are deeply awesome. The toadstool made me laugh out loud!

Jade said...

I've just come from the park on my lunch break and spotted the yarn bomb. After a swift Google search I cam across your blog.

Fantastic work, I adore the lace ruffle. I hope you don't mind me following your blog. I've taken some nice pictures of each of the status which I'm going to pop on my blog later one today, I'll be sure to link you xx

SUPASWAG said...

awesome.. i love it! would you like to feature on my street style bristol blog? drop me a mail >> cheerio!

Anonymous said...

Could someone recommend some urban Knitters for a large scale project in Bristol