Thursday, January 22, 2009

Another guest SnB

Today, I thought I'd try the knitting meeting at I Knit in London! It was a nice shop, very friendly people, and I got my photo taken for their blog! I finally finished the second piece of the boring dad-vest, now I just need to sew them up and do some garter stitch edging.

The stitch n bitch at I Knit is, unfortunately, quite a bit like the rest of London - a little bit too busy and crowded. I remember being a bit disappointed that not so many of the 20 odd people who came to the first S'n'B in Cafe Kino became regulars, but I think I may have preferred it that way. Anyway - I may go again next time. I somehow neglected to actually introduce myself to anyone today, probably because I came with a friend.

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