Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Been living in London for a couple of days now, not sure what I think yet. Haven't really done anything hugely exciting so far, but went for a long walk through northeast London today, and had some very nice lunch and tea:

I was also sorely tempted by a miniature tea set (cups, saucers and teapot) with polkadots, but reason prevailed in the end. Instead, I got a late Christmas present in the form of a cupcake recipe book. I don't think I'll get to try them out any time soon though... I just had to cook a frozen pizza for about 45 minutes for it to be luke warm & soggy.

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A Homely Heroine said...

Hi, have you been to the V&A museum? They have some great fashion exhibits, plus its free. The national portrait gallery is good too, I could spend all day there. Are you going to visit anything like I Knit or the Cast On knitting group? Let us know : )