Sunday, January 25, 2009

Me, crochet?

Yep, indeed. I'm making a suprise present so I won't write too much about it but here's a sneaky peek - can you tell what it is?

I also started crocheting myself a beard from a kit from Prick Your Finger, possibly the bestest shop ever. I went there yesterday to see some artwork by Kirsty from my Bristol S'n'B and was simply blown away. Apart from Kirsty's beautiful pin and fabric pieces, they have all sorts of strange yarns, like ones made from cut up jumpers, or banana skins. The best bit are probably the kits for making your own knitted lipstick or finger puppets, or crocheted beard. I've wanted a beard for ages so here's my chance!

Apparently, the guy at the bottom is the writer of this book (very short but funny review).

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